The Knowledge Bite Publication series is hosted by the IACCM (In­ter­na­tio­nal As­so­cia­ti­on of Cross-Cultural Com­pe­tence and Ma­nage­ment) based at Vienna University of Business & Ecnomocs (WU Wien).  The IACCM is an academic forum for experts in all fields of research who take an interest in and are concerned with cross-cultural topics and was formed to establish a network of researchers and practitioners interested in and concerned with cross-cultural subjects. More information about IACCM can be found on the webpage here.



1. Culture is not a Thing, and other Antidotes to the Ravages of Reification – Dr. Milton J. Bennett

2. Confirmation Bias: ‘Looking Before You Leap’ Is Not Enough – Prof. Dr. Brendan McSweeney Ph.D 

3. Managerial Intelligence – Prof. Gerhard Fink 

4. Finding Patterns of Knowing to Improve Communication & Understanding – Steven E. Wallis, PhD 

5. Psychological Contracts: Effect on International Assignments – Dr. Michelle J. Cummings-Koether 

6. Knowledge is Power. Or is it? And if yes – is it egalitarian and democratic or elitarian and aristocratic? – Prof. Slawomir Magala 

7. Building relationships across cultures? – Dr. Carolin Debray 

8. Understanding Unconscious Bias: Insights from Neuroscience – Dr. Eithne Knappitsch 

9. Why you need Cultural Brokers in your company – Dr. Karin Martin

10. The Virtual Fishbowl – Carlo Giardinetti, Dr. Giorgia Nigri

11. Cultural Intelligence – Dr. Marie-Therese Claes

12. Fostering intercultural competence in students – Dr. Daniel Dauber

13. Understanding the Veil: When Cross-Cultural Competence Matters – Dr. Bice Della Piana

14. Cultural Competence for Building a Confident Innovation Space  – Dr. Chiara Cannavale

15. Constructive Intercultural Management – Prof. Christoph Barmeyer, Sina Grosskopf, MA