Fostering Inclusive Values in the Kids in our Lives. An LGBTQ+ Educational Toolkit



Being inclusive does not mean accepting people no matter what… It means bravely loving them BECAUSE THEY ARE. Because they are unique. Because they are human beings. Because they have a story. Like us.
As children grow they (we) are conditioned to forget our natural curiosity and joy, our appreciation that “I am unique because I see my difference in you”. Our difference is our gift, and we have the power to help the kids in our lives remember their true nature and uniqueness, to see each other as a reflection of who we are. We are the co-creators of our common narrative, so let’s help kids all see themselves as a part of it, for exactly who they are.
Brian is passionate about using training, education and personal development to bring people together and empower them because of their diversity, that gift which makes each and every person unique. He hosts the podcast “Being All of Us”, a journey of self-discovery and inclusion, which aims to inspire all of us to become agents of change in our own lives.

Learning objectives
To illustrate the part we all play in educating the kids in our lives in inclusive values
To bring awareness to our resistance and challenges in educating kids in DEI
To provide you with a tool kit to create a learning space with kids

About Brian David George
For over 20 years Brian David George has focused on intercultural competence, education & training for international organizations, institutions, and companies. He has worked for binational organizations such as the Fulbright Commission in Spain and for institutions of higher education such as Hamilton College and Trinity College.
He is currently incorporating tools from his own training in DEI, NonViolent Communication and coaching into his work, and has four year degrees in both Spanish language and the performing arts with a specialization in acting.
He is based in Barcelona, Spain.