Webinar para Promover la Formación Intercultural

Webinar para Promover la Formación Intercultural

Looking to be more effective in your training across languages and cultures?

During this webinar offered as part of SIETAR Spain’s Cycle of Webinars to Promote Intercultural Training (Webinars para Promover la Formación Intercultural) Nikki Webster will engage us in improving our technique and tools in “Language Awareness Toolbox for Trainers” . This webinar is delivered in English and Spanish.

 The focus of this webinar is first to discover what trainers currently do in the language department in their courses and then to gain and share language awareness and develop a tool box with and for trainers. This webinar will be delivered in English but the information will be presented in Spanish and participants will be welcome to ask and share in either language. The experiential activities will be presented in either English or Spanish and a translation will always be supplied. 

This webinar is primarily designed for second language instructors, intercultural trainers and facilitators, and anyone who works across cultures in multiple languages however the monolingual trainer could also offer and benefit from it.

By participating in this workshop participants will gain insights into:

1. Language level awareness – how the participants’ linguistic ability affects engagement and comprehension.

2. Linguistically sensitive activities – how to design activities to meet the learner’s language abilities.

3. A deeper understanding through parallel language and cultural awareness – training across languages is not just about grammar and you don’t have to be a language teacher to understand it. 

At the end of the workshop Nikki will facilitate developing an interactive tool box. Participants can share which tools and techniques work for them and together we’ll come away with an expanded toll box to become more effective in our training courses.

In order to participate you’ll be asked to have A4 sheets of paper, pen/pencil to write things down, if possible a banana, and a dictionary with you during the session.

Nikki is British, but was born and bred in Rome, Italy. She speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan and Dutch. Her BA was in Modern languages and her MA in Multilingualism. Her interest lies in assisting language learners find their learning style to be able to enjoy and develop their language learning. Nikki has been a language and culture teacher and trainer in Dutch International higher education since 2001. When her university started taking in international students in 2000 she trained to be an intercultural trainer with CIC Consultants in Amsterdam to assist the staff with international classrooms. She has since trained in cross cultural negotiation training for businesses with Kennet Smit and trained companies in Spain, Italy and Belgium.

She’s a member of SIETAR Netherlands

Webinar gratuito y abierto al público / Free public webinar

Jueves, 9 de julio de 2020 

De 18:00 a 19:30 CET (hora de España)

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